FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Golden Eaglets MRI Scandal; Karim Adeyemi Foundation Push for Grassroots Football 

Ibadan, Nigeria – May 6, 2024 

Karim Adeyemi Foundation is deeply concerned by the reports that a sizeable number of footballers scouted for the Golden Eaglets camp has failed the MRI age tests mandated by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), a development that could jeopardize preparation for the upcoming WAFU B U17 AFCON qualifiers. 

This news underscores the critical need to prioritize the development of young footballers from the grassroots level, a mission Karim Adeyemi Foundation currently champions. 

“While we understand the pressure to succeed at international tournaments, these reports cast a shadow over the integrity of the sport and hinder the growth of genuine football talent in Nigeria,” said OlaOlu Adedayo, spokesperson for Karim Adeyemi Foundation. 

We firmly believe that developing grassroots footballers from secondary schools is crucial for producing talented, honest, and dedicated athletes who truly belong to their designated age categories. Our foundation has consistently emphasized the importance of nurturing young talents through proper channels while adhering to international standards and regulations. 

This unfortunate incident underscores the necessity of investing time, resources, and energy into creating robust systems for identifying and supporting youth footballers within our educational institutions. By doing so, we ensure fairness, maintain the spirit of sportsmanship, and enable our promising young athletes to flourish and transition into appropriate age-grade competitions without fear of disqualification or scandal. 

Karim Adeyemi Foundation urges the Nigeria Football Federation to take decisive action to address the shortcomings in the youth development system.  

As an organization committed to fostering talent and promoting ethical practices in sports, Karim Adeyemi Foundation stands ready to support initiatives geared toward strengthening Nigeria’s grassroots football ecosystem.  

With proper collaboration, we can build a brighter future for our nation’s aspiring athletes based on authenticity, meritocracy, and respect for the game. Contact 

OlaOlu Adedayo 

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