Adeyemi FC Prepares to Showcase Talent in Abuja Scouting Tournament

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After unearthing hidden gems in recent grassroots scouting programs, Adeyemi FC, the Ibadan-based professional football club, is gearing up to present its talented players at a scouting tournament in Abuja.

The scouting initiative, organized by the esteemed Sports Management Agency, SPOCS, is scheduled to run from November 24 to 28, providing a platform for the Ibadan-based players to shine.

Speaking from the club’s headquarters in Oluyole, Ibadan, Coach Kolawole Emmanuel, also known as Coach Drey, expressed the team’s readiness for the upcoming scouting program.

“Our focus on organizing events like the U-16 to U-19 open trial camp and the recent Oke Ogun scouting program is to identify the best talents at the grassroots level. Now, it’s time to showcase to the world what we have and what our players are capable of. We won’t disappoint our club’s president and our fans too,” Coach Drey affirmed.

He further elucidated that the Abuja scouting program is just one of the events in the club’s packed schedule for the year 2023.

In response, the club’s president, Mr. Abiodun Adeyemi, aka “Baba Abe,” expressed optimism about the players’ future.

“The future is very bright, as I always say. This scouting program is one of the opportunities for you guys, and I wish you all the best. There’s more to come, which will undoubtedly elevate your careers. Stay focused; the future is bright,” emphasized Baba Abe.

Adeyemi FC remains committed to nurturing future stars and upholding a standard in the business of round leather game.

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