Create Accessible Opportunities for Communities


We continue to eliminate inequalities across communities by providing access to basic amenities, skills, and resources required for them to thrive as individuals and as communities. Within our first year of operations, KAF has provided access to tech skills for more than 10,000 youths through our partnership with Ibadan Tech Expo, the biggest tech event in Oyo State. We provided borehole water for more than 20,000 residents of Odo-Oshun community where the lack of access to potable water was not just an economic problem but also a huge health problem. By 2030, we would have provided general empowerment to 500,000 Nigerians through events, partnerships, and direct community interventions

Construction and Completion of the Odo-Osun Community Borehole Project


Water Sanitation and Hygiene is a great entry to disease prevention, close to 90% of communicable diseases can be reduced through hand washing, general hygiene and access to potable water.


At Ibadan Tech Expo, we bridged the gap between tech and sports, sparking innovation and engagement. Our sponsorship and active participation created awareness among 90% of the 5,000 attendees, including 50 tech enterprises and 20 key CEOs and incubators. Previously unfamiliar with the economic potential of sports, many were inspired by the possibilities. More than 30 post-event inquiries about engaging with sports solidified the impact: tech minds are now seeing sports as a fertile ground for innovation and transformation.



Goal 500,000

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