Karim Adeyemi Foundation Expresses Condolences Following Ibadan Explosion

First responders at the site of the explosion. Image credits: Vanguard News

Ibadan, Nigeria – January 17, 2024 – Karim Adeyemi Foundation expresses profound grief alongside the entire Ibadan community in the aftermath of the devastating explosion that occurred yesterday in Bodija.

Our hearts ache for the families who have lost loved ones and the individuals coping with injuries and immense pain.

In this moment of profound sadness, Karim Adeyemi Foundation stands firmly with the people of Ibadan,” stated Abiodun Adeyemi, President of the Foundation. ” Our hearts are pained for lives lost and the general casualties as a result of the recent unfortunate incident in Ibadan. As a humanitarian organisation, we hope to bring some solace to the injured and the bereaved. Please accept our sincere condolences and solidarity in this challenging time.”

Following the incident, our foundation has promptly dispatched a preliminary team to assess the situation at the blast site. The team’s primary objectives include conducting a thorough assessment, delivering relief materials tailored to the felt needs of on-site workers, and visiting the Accident and Emergency Unit of University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, where the injured individuals are receiving care.

In the face of this tragedy, we call upon all members of the Ibadan community and beyond to unite in support of our fellow citizens. 

Understanding the long and challenging road to recovery ahead,  Karim Adeyemi Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the Ibadan community. Let us demonstrate the strength and resilience that define our community by coming together to heal and rebuild.

About Karim Adeyemi Foundation

Karim Adeyemi Foundation, a non-governmental organization based in Nigeria, is dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals in three key areas:

Education: Providing access to education and scholarships for students and educators alike.

Football: Identifying raw talent and nurturing young individuals to become skilled footballers.

Empowerment: Supporting the development of individuals and communities with basic amenities, resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

The foundation’s overarching goal is to empower individuals to lead improved and more promising lives. Despite being a relatively new organization, the Karim Adeyemi Foundation has already made a substantial impact in Nigeria.

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