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The story of Karim Adeyemi, the founder of the Karim Adeyemi Foundation, is one of passion, dedication, and a love for football that knows no bounds. Born on January 18th, 2002, in Munich, Germany, Karim was destined for greatness from a young age. His father, Abbey Adeyemi, hailing from the bustling city of Ibadan, Nigeria, instilled in him a love for the beautiful game that would shape the course of his life.







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The Backstory

Abbey, a talented footballer himself, had dreams of playing professionally in Europe. However, fate had other plans, and he found himself unable to pursue his passion at the highest level. Determined to pass on his knowledge and skill to the next generation, Abbey began teaching Karim everything he knew about football from a very young age. He installed a grass carpet in Karim's room, complete with markings and lines, and gifted him countless balls, nurturing his son's natural talent.


Karim's mother, Alexandra Adeyemi, also played a vital role in shaping her son's future. A Romanian native, she introduced Karim to roller skating, which unexpectedly helped him develop lightning quick speed and agility on the pitch. With both parents supporting his development, Karim's potential was limitless.

Karim's Early Journey

Karim Adeyemi's footballing journey began on the humble pitches of TSV Forstenried, where he honed his raw talent and infectious passion for the game. At the tender age of eight, his natural ability caught the eye of giants FC Bayern München, opening the doors to a prestigious academy


Karim at SPVGG

The decision to leave Bayern was not easy, but it demonstrated Adeyemi's resilience and unwavering belief in his own potential. Undeterred, Adeyemi found a new home at SpVgg Unterhaching in 2012. Here, he embraced the opportunity to prove himself again. His unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft paid off, as he became a key figure for Unterhaching and quickly established himself as one of the brightest young talents in German football.



Karim's debut in the U19 Bundesliga in 2018 sparked excitement, a thrilling goal against Eintracht Frankfurt solidifying his promise. Yet, relegation brought Unterhaching down to the Bayernliga. While disappointment stung, Karim saw an opportunity. He didn't wallow, but doubled down, his determination burning brighter than ever. The Bayernliga became his crucible, forging his mental steel and tactical awareness. He honed his skills, his hunger for success sharpened by the setback. This wasn't a detour, but a crucial chapter, preparing him for the dazzling rise that awaited.


Red Bull Salzburg

In 2018, a new chapter opened for Karim. He spread his wings and soared across borders, landing at Austrian powerhouse FC Red Bull Salzburg. With a three-year contract in hand, he was immediately loaned to their feeder club, FC Liefering, to gain invaluable experience. Karim embraced the challenge, making his 2. Liga debut in the same year – a full game baptism of fire despite the narrow loss. He didn't wait long to leave his mark on the bigger stage. Just two years later, Karim announced his arrival on the Champions League scene with a powerful strike against Lokomotiv Moscow. The goal resonated beyond the net, echoing his determination and burgeoning talent.



Dortmund and Domination: Adeyemi's Return Triumph In 2022, Adeyemi returned to German soil, joining Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund in a move that sent ripples through the football world. Five months later, the Champions League anthem once again played witness to Adeyemi's magic. His first Dortmund goal in Europe's elite competition was a thunderous strike against Sevilla, a powerful statement of intent that resonated across the continent. But Adeyemi's hunger for glory wouldn't be satiated by a single moment. In February 2023, he etched his name onto Dortmund folklore with a virtuoso solo goal against Chelsea in the Champions League Round of 16. He danced through defenders, leaving them in his wake before coolly slotting home the winner. It was a performance that not only secured a crucial victory but also showcased his breathtaking talent and unshakeable confidence.



Karim Adeyemi's Legacy of Empowering Change

Karim Adeyemi's talent on the field ignites stadiums, but his impact extends far beyond the final whistle. Deep within him burns a passion for community, a desire to empower and uplift those facing challenges. This passion manifests in not one, but two powerful initiatives: Adeyemi Football Club and the Karim Adeyemi Foundation.

From Dreams to Dribbles: Adeyemi Football Club

Imagine a place where raw talent blossoms into professional prowess, where discipline and teamwork become life lessons. Adeyemi Football Club is that haven for talented youth in Ibadan, Nigeria. Adeyemi’s love for football isn’t just about personal glory; it’s a guiding force for empowerment, providing disadvantaged youth with state-of-the-art facilities, professional coaching, and unwavering support.

But Adeyemi Football Club’s impact goes beyond the pitch. Over 50 people have secured valuable jobs as coaches, administrators, and support staff, boosting the local economy. Two players have been selected for the prestigious SCORRS Scouting program, their dreams inching closer to reality. And with over 12 victories, the club celebrates not just footballing prowess but a winning spirit born from hope and opportunity.

By 2030, Adeyemi Football Club aims to empower 2,000 players, equipping them with the tools and training to chase their dreams on the field and beyond. Every donation, every act of support, fuels this mission, transforming lives and communities one kick at a time.

Building a Brighter Future with the Karim Adeyemi Foundation

But Adeyemi’s vision extends beyond the beautiful game. The Karim Adeyemi Foundation tackles poverty at its roots, empowering communities through a multi-pronged approach. Imagine children, once denied access to education, now equipped with scholarships and learning in revitalized schools. Picture communities thriving with access to clean water and essential skills, their faces glowing with newfound independence.

From empowering teachers to providing basic amenities, the foundation’s initiatives breathe life into communities, one smile at a time. Its story is young, but the impact is already undeniable. By 2030, the foundation aims to empower 500,000 Nigerians, a testament to Adeyemi’s unwavering belief in the power of collective action.

A Legacy Forged in Compassion and Action

Karim Adeyemi’s journey reminds us that true greatness transcends the football field. It takes root in the desire to uplift others, to offer a helping hand and pave the way for a brighter future. Adeyemi Football Club and the Karim Adeyemi Foundation are more than just philanthropic endeavors; they’re legacies of hope, testaments to the power of one man’s unwavering commitment to his community.

Join us in supporting these critical initiatives, and together, let’s watch countless faces light up with the smile of a brighter future. Every contribution, big or small, fuels Adeyemi’s vision of a world where opportunity thrives and dreams take flight.

Let's make a difference

Together, we can rewrite the narrative for thousands of young people, empowering them to chase their dreams and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Every contribution counts, and every gesture matters. Let's make a difference, one kick at a time.

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