Adeyemi FC Receives Praise for Scouting Program in Oke Ogun, Calls for More Initiatives

Adeyemi Football Club of Ibadan make waves with its just concluded scouting program in the Oke Ogun region of Oyo state, earning accolades from sports enthusiasts and players who have showcased their talents so far.

The scouting program, a part of the “Operation Fish Out the Raw Talents” initiative, stopped in Kajola local government, where both locals and players turned out in massive numbers.

The program has been a game-changer for Oke Ogun, where football enthusiasts have often lamented the lack of scouting opportunities to discover and harness local talent.

The leader of the Kajola local government coaches’ association, Rafiu Kabiru Adekunle, popularly known as “Onile,” spoke highly of the Adeyemi FC scouting program. “We have needed a scouting program like this for a long time,” he said. “We have many talented footballers here, and their skills have been going to waste due to the absence of scouting initiatives. With this program, the talents of our players will no longer go unnoticed, and we are delighted to have such a significant project here in Oke Ogun.”

Onile also extended an open invitation to the entire coaching crew of Adeyemi FC, encouraging them to make Oke Ogun a permanent part of their plans. He pledged full support from the grassroots coaches and promised a harmonious relationship with the club.

Kolawole Emmanuel, known as Coach “Drey,” who serves as the head coach of Adeyemi Football Club, addressed the players during the scouting program in Okeho.

He expressed his satisfaction with their performances and assured them of promising futures in football. “I am genuinely impressed with your performances, and I can assure you that as long as you continue to demonstrate this level of dedication and focus, nothing can stand in your way. Football is a game of determination, and we have created an ideal platform for your growth. Seize this opportunity and aim for the top,” Coach Drey emphasized.

Coach Drey explained that the scouting program in Oke Ogun is just the beginning and hinted at additional scouting initiatives and football programs in the pipeline. The “Operation Fish Out the Raw Talents” scouting program by Adeyemi FC has taken Oke Ogun by storm, with successful events in Iseyin, Saki, and Okeho over just three days.

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