Uniting a Nation with Sports: Inside the Best Essay Entry

Football, also called soccer originated from Great Britain.

It is a game where eleven players become one with the aim of winning.

Football can be used in promoting social inclusion and national peace in many ways.

Football as a game is impossible to be played by just an individual, it is a game that works with a team, thus making it possible for participants to socialize with one another physically and mentally.

Football is the world’s most popular ball game in terms of participants and spectators.

Many people enjoy playing and watching the game; thereby bringing many people together to know
one another and raise the flag of peace since the game prohibits anything that detests peace.

Furthermore, football is simple in its principal rules, regulations and essential equipment. The
sport can be played almost everywhere, anywhere, from official football playing fields (pitches)
to the gymnasiums, streets, school playgrounds, parks, beaches etc.

This means it is a game that can be found in many societies. It brings children and adults, Muslims, Christians, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo of different homes together to know each other and they discuss what could bring solutions to their community, region, and nation at large.

They learn from each other and have a better mindset about one another.

Similarly, Football is a game that provides work opportunities. From journalists (as many people
are interested in knowing what is happening in the football world), to cleaners, who take care
and ensure the stadium is always clean, to engineers who build and maintain the stadium,
medical practitioners who treat injured players and many more.

This brings people of different professions to work together and make peace reign.
In addition, football has a natural way of uniting people in the stadium as spectators, in a bus as
passengers, in a community open field as members of the community, or just a passerby, in a
school team where juniors and seniors come together as a team.

In a national team where players come from different states, ethnic groups, tribes and religions. Football is a game that turns strangers to friends thereby promoting unity.

In conclusion, football is a game that lets you see reason in Unity (a player can’t win a match, he
needs to pass to other players). It allows you to know the true meaning of “never giving up”, it
makes you understand that a day can be for you and another day against you (victory and loss),
it allows you to support others even if you won’t gain anything.

Football puts one on the road of pain, love, strength, unity, focus, belief, and achievement.

My name is Ajala Faheezah, a student of Oladipo Alayande School of Science(OASOS).
Thank you.

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