We are Eliminating Inequalities
in Underserved Communities
Football Education Empowerment

Eliminate Poverty;
End Inequalities

We believe that every individual has the right to a brighter future. Our founder, Karim Adeyemi, a talented football player with a passion for philanthropy, established this foundation to address the root causes of poverty in Africa, starting in Ibadan, Nigeria, using three important tools.

Karim Adeyemi, Our Icon
was in Nigeria in December 2023

Catch KA27 Live in Nigeria where he shared smiles across communities in Lagos and Oyo State. 

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Transforming Africa
One Community at a Time

In the heart of Africa, a beacon of hope ignites a path towards a brighter future. Karim Adeyemi Foundation, established in 2022 by the renowned Dortmund Forward, Karim Adeyemi, is transforming the lives of underserved communities, empowering children and youths to become catalysts for change.

Fueled by the belief that education, empowerment, and football hold the keys to unlocking potential, the foundation has reached over 40,000 individuals, instilling in them the skills and confidence to pursue their dreams. From providing access to quality education to fostering football talent, Karim Adeyemi Foundation is leaving an indelible mark on the African landscape.

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Together, we can create a brighter future for Africa.

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Our community was without water for years, residents who could afford 'purewater' depended on it to cook meals. But Karim visited our community and promised us a borehole, we were glad when he delivered on his promise.

Prince Oke High Chief

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