32FM and KAF Forge New Partnership Following Courtesy Visit

June 19, 2024


On June 19, 2024, 32FM, a leading media organization based in Ibadan, paid a courtesy visit to Karim Adeyemi Foundation (KAF) office. The meeting, attended by staff of Karim Adeyemi Foundation,  the General Manager and the Assistant Manager of 32FM, Mr. Sam, and Mr. Peter Omoh respectively marked the beginning of a promising collaboration aimed at leveraging media to amplify social impact.

The visit was inspired by the successful UEFA Champions Finals watch party, a collaborative event that highlighted the synergy between the two organizations. Recognizing this potential, both entities are eager to cement a lasting partnership.

During the visit, KAF presented 32FM with a framed KA27 jersey, a gesture symbolizing the new alliance. Additionally, 32FM’s manager received a personalized jersey, further solidifying the bond between the organizations. In return, 32FM gave KAF branded throw pillows as gifts, further enhancing the camaraderie between the two teams.

32FM’s attendance at the recent KAF IDSPD awards ceremony showcased their commitment to KAF’s mission. The media organization’s tagline, “Filling the world with laughter,” resonates deeply with KAF’s motto, “Every Face Deserves a Smile.” This alignment underscores the shared vision of both entities to bring joy and positivity to the community.

A significant highlight of the meeting was the announcement by KAF’s president regarding the expansion of the organization’s essay entries to include visual arts and performances. This initiative will be integrated into one of 32FM’s existing programs, providing a broader platform for creative expression and engagement.

The visit also included a tour of the KAF premises, where 32FM representatives were acquainted with the symbolism of the flags displayed throughout the facility. This tour provided deeper insight into KAF’s values and mission, strengthening the foundation for collaboration.

The partnership between KAF and 32FM aims to utilize 32FM’s extensive reach to amplify KAF’s voice on trending social issues, particularly those aligned with KAF’s core thematic areas. This collaboration promises to enhance the impact of both organizations, fostering a greater awareness and understanding of key social issues.

The courtesy visit by 32FM to the KAF office marks the beginning of a dynamic partnership. Both organizations are committed to working together to foster collaboration and amplify their collective impact on the community.

For more information, please contact:

Bar. Olamide Idowu
Operations Manager

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